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Kitchen installations.

We often get jobs to fault find on kitchens.

Some that are expensive some off the shelf but regardless of price they mostly look great.

Kitchens come in kit form and it’s up to the skilled person to change your room to the design.

Great care and attention in getting it to fit is taken in most cases and the customer is happy.

But what lies beneath?

Or below?

Over the past couple of decades I’ve been involved with countless projects were professionals work together and provide a high standard of workmanship.

The customer is left with the vision provided at the design stage, everything works as it should and is safe for years to come.

It is also common that I’m called out to kitchens that have been completed rather poorly, usually by tradesmen that have a different idea of good practices or workmanship.

The electrical installation should be carried out by a professional electrician, not by a kitchen fitter, tiler, plasterer or builder.(although I have seen some great work done by others)

Electrical work in the home isn’t a quick fix to get it working, it is the heart of the house and should be respected and treated so.

Electricity is safe if installed correctly with the right measures in place and can be used by anyone in the right environment.

Electricity is also a killer and can cost more than you think.

Our job is to protect people, property and livestock from electrocution and damage by fire.

This is why a simple job should have the same importance and a new installation.

We urge you to look to registered electricians found on websites such as .gov or electrical safety first to find a registered electrician.

Things don’t need to be complicated, a full design and installation service is offered by most professionals.

Certification and notification follows.

So if your thinking of hiring a electrician then speak to us.

We would only be to happy to help.

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