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Save money at night.

So let’s go back in time, or more to the point let’s move time.

In the past it was well known that using your electricity at night was cheaper.

Today we concentrate on moving suppliers to get the best deal.

But if we have think about economy 7 or duel tariffs we can split our energy cost between night and day.

What does this mean to you?

The cost per kWh on a 24 hour tariff is on average £0.14 – 0.15p on economy 7 from 10 pm onwards it drops to £0.06p per kWh.

In normal terms.

If your on a tight budget, on a tight pension, struggling with the bills, then this may help.

Cutting your electrical cost nearly in half.

Do all the clothes washing at night.

Cook your meals on your electrical cooker at night for the next day.

Dry your clothes at night.

Change all your light lamps to led. One a week or month from home bargains or b&m

Anything that uses large power do at night.

This may save enough to help your weekly budget go further.

Hope this helps

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