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Losing jobs to cheaper quotes.

It’s not unusual to lose jobs to other electricians due to cost.

We all use different products techniques and installation methods.

At Case and Young Limited we stick to our commitment to follow the regulations and use products that we can rely on and replace in the event of failure.

Lately we have been quoting against a 10 way mains changeover completed for £210. Or hot tub installations for half our price.

As long as it works the customer is non the wiser in some cases until it goes wrong.

Today we were called out by a hot tub manufacturer who is in a dispute with a home owner getting a shock when he touches the water.

After 5 min on site we could see why,

2 other electricians had visited the job and confirmed the installation to be ok.

This is the most dangerous one so far, everything earthed was giving of voltage.

I disconnected the supply and contacted the grid.

The property was stealing electricity.

How safe is your installation.

Always use a registered electrician.

Contact us for more information on safety checks.

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