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Spending Thousands On Making Our Homes Beautiful

but what have we forgot?
summer is here and DIY is at its height
we spend thousands on our homes inside and out making them a better place to relax and enjoy with our family and friends.
but what about the things we dont see?
we were asked to do a simple job in a beautiful home today only to find a potential nightmare.
hidden away in the loft under a thick layer of insulation we found what should have been a connection unit to be a connector block with loose cables.
see in the pictures how close our client came to the unthinkable.
the dark charred remains of thermal effects of loose cables.
it costs less than a couple of hundred pounds to have your property checked every 5-10 years.
thats less than a lot of people spend on the garden each year.
get them checked and dont leave it too late
ask us about an ElectricalInstallation Condition Reoprt

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