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Rako lighting controls.

Rako is leading the way In providing state of the art digital dimming technology.

With lighting systems that are simple to use,creative,easily installed and cost effective.

Case and Young limited checked the market for the leaders in this technology so we could offer our customers quality products.

We trained ourselves on the scope of possibilities and budget to suit our clients.

As total control of home automation is almost here and voice activation control is now generally spread across all devices, we have seen the endless choices in not just lighting design but automation.

From opening the gates to your home or remotely you can now control scenes of lighting and appliances.

You can even open and close the curtains, turn the heat up and down, set the alarm the choices are endless.

This doesn’t have to cost the earth, simple installation in a single room to building and commercial venues are catered for.

Case and young would like to invite you to explore your own personal ideas and budget from the planning to the installation, we offer a personal tailored solution.

Why not give us a call and we can provide you with all the information you need to make your choices.

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