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Professional electrician.

Some projects require people who have either experienced installations and there results or work with experienced designers,

Over the years we have done both and been asked to provide designs that are out of the box.

Technology allows us to stretch the limits and expand on what’s possible with lighting and power design.

Control is now at everyone’s fingertips and available for most budgets.

We at Case and Young Limited believe if we have your vision and affordability we can provide lighting and power designs to suit your budget and still provide your desired effect.

Our initial survey is designed to find every detail you require from us and your installation.

Our quotation process is simple, we don’t overcharge if your in a listed building and the price doesn’t change if your in social housing.

A fair price is quoted for every job, our only differential is mature clientele who can get a discount and if like this week a client was 96 got his job free.

A friendly no obligation quote is free so you can get professional information with no stress.

Ask us for a survey and check us out at

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