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Outhouse power and lights.

Are you using the space available to you?

This week we were asked to install power and lighting to a old coal shed which is now being used as a utility room.

The customer wanted to maximise the space in the kitchen and relocate her white goods, but found running them on a extension lead didn’t work as it kept blowing the fuse.

We were asked to provide power and lighting to the room so she could have the washer and dryer and fridge on at the same time.

We also provided lighting so she didn’t have to use her mobile phone as a torch at night to collect the laundry.

It is tempting to run extension leads plug in lamps without knowing the safety and functionality of what we are doing .

It is always a good idea to ask advice on what to plug in and what to plug in too.

As outside of your home has building regulations attached to the use of power and classed as a special location.

We will provide free quotations and advice if your planning any future external power.

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