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Not sure who to contact for work in your home.

Is this a everyday occurrence or maybe a warning of things to come.

Over the last year or two I have come across some shoddy work, so when I’ve looked into the company I was quite surprised.

This does not just encompass the electrical industry but all of the construction and even retail industries.

I was surprised at how good they looked and what they offered.

With ready made websites, cheap printing and marketing, low cost social media advertising, it seems that standing out in a crowd is easy if you know how.

So what is being delivered?

As well as the great companies providing a professional service.

I have seen borderline fit for purpose products,installation methods which are dangerous,customer service which evaporated when the company got the job.

Some of my customers have now lost faith in choosing who to let into their homes.

Local and national media are promoting trusted services, who are apparently stringently checked.

The services offered ranges from leave your job on a particular site and trusted companies will reply taking the stain away from you contacting them.

Little do customers know that some companies charge for the information on the database up to £15 per lead. And the vetting process consists of a review from a past customer.

To advertise on national media costs and as a business need to make money, but even the most popular accreditation schemes do not police the industry enough.

So what can you really do to try and lower the risk of being caught out by companies.


Ask for.

insurance,qualifications,affiliations and customers who they have recently done work for.

Ask for.

Experience of the people or person carrying out the work.


The information given to you don’t just believe what your told.

The quality of the products being used.

The daily progress of your job.

The workmanship.

This is no easy task and is not convenient, but also rewarding if done right.

The result hopefully will be that you could find a company you can rely on and trust.

I hope this helps just one person as this is how I find and recommend companies I use.

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