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Helping hands

As members of trading standards trusted traders of Wigan council,we often get calls to attend customers who have got our details from the trusted list to react as soon as possible.

This job was for a gentleman who recently had a stroke and had lost the ability to speak and use his arm,

He had a fault in his bathroom and had been left with no lighting and no shower pump to extract water from his wet room.

We diagnosed the fault to be a burnt out transformer and faulty tube and starter in his light fitting.

We returned with his light and ordered his part the next day.

We are pleased to say his safety was paramount to us and we have now fitted his shower pump so he can comfortably use his wet room

The gentleman was very pleased with our service and asked my to enter our details in his book for emergencies

We would like to say thank you for not only helping us appreciate age and health are not to be discriminated but for trusting in Case and Young to carry out your work

We hope you don’t need us often but if you do you will be a priority

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