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Giving the right information to customers 

This week alone we have been asked to quote 2 jobs that have been already quoted by other electricians.

Case & Young limited cover an area around the north west but this week our enquiries have been concentrated around Wigan

Firstly we were asked to quote to change all the pendant light fittings in a house.

On arriving the gentleman explained he could here a buzzing noise coming from the landing light and on advice of another local electrician he wanted to change them all in the house.

I inspected the fitting and found it to be the compact fluorescent lamp and not the fitting and explained this to the client.

He insisted on having The pendant changed which I did.

He then asked me to change the kitchen pendant so at this point I explained that I had carried out tests on the previous fitting which were fine and did the same with the kitchen it didn’t need changing

He then explained the previous electrician had told him that he should change all the pendants in the house for safety of fire, when I asked why he never carried out the work he explained that he never turned up to see the job as he had been drinking and couldn’t drive that night he quoted £240 to change 7 pendants without checking them 

It cost the client £20 to change 2 pendants and test and certify it took half 

I also did a visual on the remaining as he was nervous about them

It pays to get a few quotes as this client had been given bad information and in my opinion was being ripped off by an unreliable contractor 

The second client had 3 electricians look at her property all suggest a full rewire

They all tested the sockets outlets with a simple socket tester which confirmed reversed polarity

None of them removed a socket front 

After a bit of investigation we found and reversed the polarity back and tested the circuit which passed

Some legs of the circuits do need adapting but not a full house rewire

Off that job we got 3 more quotes from the visiting British gas engineer a neighbour and the handyman 

It pays to give the right information 

But be aware of the charlatans they are also registered

Get 3 quotes 

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