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Cheaper,faster electricians.

This week has seen 3 enquiries from local people who have had work done by other “electricians”.

The comments they make to get the work range from we are cheaper than others, we are faster than others, I can do a visual inspection on completion of works.

Unwittingly the customers take them for their word and work begins.

What we find when things do not go to plan is alarming.

Live wires left hanging,exposed conductors, dangerous connections, no earthing.and no RCD protection on external power.

This is above and beyond irresponsible.

To ensure your safety from fire and electrocution in your home please follow these simple steps

1. Ask for association membership details for competent person scheme.

2. Check on electricians.

3. Ask for references.

Cheaper isn’t always best so try to obtain 3 quotes.

If your still in doubt call trading standards and ask for a trusted trader.

Case and Young limited also suggest you look at the safety council for more information on choosing the right contractor

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