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Cannabis cultivation electrical danger 

This week we have been called out to a property that has been cultivating cannabis.

The property agents became aware something was suspicious and called the police who in turn alerted the electricity suppliers.

We were tasked to carry out dead tests and provide a visual inspection on the condition of the installation 

We can not show pictures of the inside of the property where the cultivation took place as it was still visible the remains of the crime scene waiting to be cleared

The tenant had wired a cable directly into the main fuse bypassing the circuit protection

The circuit was unprotected wires exposed and hanging all over the house and in some cases inches from large water containers 

The overloading was so bad the cupboard where they had connected was smoke damaged by the fumes and smoke coming off the oversized fuse

The house was a complete death trap and even the boiler was badly connected

We cannot recommend a good way to connect this equipment for that particular use but will always advise you use a qualified electrician 

Below is the boiler wiring inches from the sink

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