Electrical Testing & Inspection

Did you know depending on the age of your property your obligate to have an electrical installation report completed periodically every 10 years on a domestic property, every 12 months or change of tenant on a rented property and three years on an industrial property. Failure to meet these obligations could leave you liable to prosecution, don’t take risks, get a free quote from Case & Young Limited today to keep your property safe.


The age condition and environment of your installation all play a factor in altering the time period that you are required to test your electrical installation. BS7671:2015 requires your electrical system to be tested periodically to ensure the safety of persons, property and livestock, this is a legal obligation covered by the The Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974.


Visual Inspections precede any testing carried out by Case & Young Limited. Visual inspections can be carried out more frequently to determine risks from any broken or damaged equipment together with the age and deterioration for your installation and equipment. By combining electrical Testing & Inspection this would cover the requirement for an electrical installation condition report.