Service Details

Industrial Electrical Services

Case & Young Limited are experienced in all types of 3-phase electrical installations from small isolators to large three phase machines. We also carry out large lighting schemes including high bay lighting, low bay lighting and new LED lighting schemes. Case & Young Limited can also provide car park lighting, generators and back up supplies in our industrial services.

3-Phase Electrical Services

As most large industrial electrical machines require 3-phase electrical power Case & Young Limited can provide a safe supply and isolation point no matter how big or small the machine.

Case & Young Limited can diagnose and repair phase rotation issues so that your equipment operates both correctly and safely. Case & Young Limited can also supply and install large 3-phase consumer units that distribute power throughout the building to both equipment and 3-phase section boards.

We can also provide 3-phase isolators for all sizes of electrical equipment whether the electrical load requires 1Amp or 100Amps Case & Young Limited can provide an 3-phase installation with isolation.

Standby Generators

Case & Young Limited can supply electrical power even when there is no power feed from the National Grid present, if you require immediate power safely with auto mains failure equipment then Case & Young Limited can supply it.

No Power, No Problem.

Generators can be provided with Bonded Fuel Tanks by Case & Young Limited which hold up to 4000L of fuel providing constant power when there is no power available from the National Grid. Generators can be used to provide power for Wedding Marquees, Warehouses, Farms and in Agricultural & Industrial premises. They can also be used as a back up mains generator for homes with unstable overhead power cables.